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Spectacular Scenery and Adventure

Take a once in a lifetime voyage to the extremities of the world!

Leave the every-day behind and cruise deep into the heart of some of the most spectacular wilderness on this planet. Marvel at towering icebergs and glaciers, scan the land for Polar Bears and King Penguins and stare in awe as mighty humpback whales come up for air.

Choose from a range of added highlights including sea kayaking, photography tours, animal encounters or a hot air balloon rides over the ice.

North Pole expeditions generally journey from Nordic countries like Iceland then out to Franz Jospeh Land in Arctic Circle – a group of 191 islands and home to historic remains from three ill-fated arctic expeditions.

Greenland is a popular choice for its contrasting landscape where icebergs meet mountains, and the tales of Viking history intrigue travellers. Further west you will be astonished by the famed Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) as they light up the sky in Alaska.

South Pole expeditions depart from South America on an unforgettable cruise through the Antarctic region – largely untouched by man and boasting majestic scenery that imprint on your memory forever. You can also journey from Invercargill in NZ or Hobart to view the awe-inspiring King Penguins found on South Georgia Island.

Pair your Antarctica cruise with a South American discovery tour or wildlife exploration in The Galapagos Islands.

The Polar cruise season takes off during Summer in each hemisphere being the warmer part of the year. Temperatures can still be -5 to -8C and wind chill is a big factor, so be sure to pack warm clothing with your sense of adventure!

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